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Shenzhen Taiteng Model Design Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2007, is a professional production of handboards processing enterprises. The main products include all kinds of mobile phones, tablet computers, digital communication handboards. The company invests in new production equipment every year, and starts to research and develop new production technology to improve product quality.
The company's existing equipment are: advanced high-precision, high-speed engraving and milling machine 4 and a set of perfect peripheral auxiliary equipment (such as: Vacuum copying machine, laser engraving machine, sandblasting machine, drying plate UV machine, etc.). The existing departments of the company include: Engineering Department, CNC processing center, machining workshop, follow-up processing workshop, oil injection and screen printing room, raw material warehouse, quality control department, etc.
The company pays attention to the development of human resources, adheres to the people-oriented enterprise concept, and has 20-30 employees